Senswork Inc. is Inaugural Smart Factory Institute Technology Partner

German firm specializing in machine vision systems joins international technology alliance.

Chattanooga, TN, Nov 16, 2021: Peak Performance Inc., announces Senswork, Inc. of Johnson City, TN, as the inaugural technology partner of the Smart Factory Institute Chattanooga, in partnership and collaboration with Volkswagen Academy in Chattanooga, TN. The Smart Factory Institute a private/public partnership will enable manufacturers access to the most advanced production technologies available and will help ease the transition of these technologies to the manufacturing workforce.

Senswork, Inc. is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing, deep learning and testing equipment in manufacturing. A German industry leader in image processing, Senswork Inc. brings their turnkey machine vision systems to serve the U.S. industry. Their solutions are used in the automotive, electronics, medical, and food industries. Senswork’s automated inspection solutions and deep learning tools help to reduce costs by recognizing and minimizing rejects in the manufacturing process at an early stage. Senswork has a long list of successful applications in image processing using various types of technologies including 3D inspection, 2D optical measuring systems, location detection, label & code inspection, surface inspection, and completeness inspection.

Ryan Lilly, President, Senswork Inc. said, “Given the rapid pace of technological development in the automation industry, it is imperative to stay on the edge of innovation. Hardware and software must be precisely designed, developed, and coordinated. Solving the most complex inspection challenges to guarantee quality assurance where a zero-error rate is essential, is what drives us at Senswork.”

The Smart Factory concept is not about adding more computers and robots to the manufacturing floor, it is about implementing new technologies and methods that allow to simplify production process. Among their innovative products is the new ZScan, a fast 3D multi-sensor scanner used to check quality of large objects as they are produced. Integrating this technology into the production line reduces manufacturing complexity, shortens production time, and reduces costs.

Senswork plans to install a demo vision system in the Chattanooga Smart Factory Institute. This will create an experimental display for manufacturers to test its capability and to train employees on the ease of use.