OKR course targets agility in industry

  • Deutsche Messe Technology Academy launches certificate courses for SMEs in industry
  • “Objectives and Key Results”: The practice-oriented online course on the “Google Methodology” focuses on individual coaching


Events: 23., 24., 25. February and 2. March 2021
Duration: 4 sessions, 4 x 90 minutes each, daily starting time at 14.00 o’clock.

In December and January, the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy will offer an online course on “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR) for the first time. This so-called “Google Methodology” is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized industrial companies that want to involve all teams in innovation processes and achieve greater agility in the upcoming digital transformation.

The core of the OKR methodology: Determining the vision, defining goals, achieving key results. Many successful start-ups and leading companies in the IT industries use this agile and scalable project management method, which can also be easily implemented in everyday life. It provides the various teams with a consistent thread for their daily work. “The common alignment creates transparency as a matter of course, avoids the disadvantages of isolated applications and ensures that your company goals are reached faster,” says trainer Melih Karnabat, describing the productivity of the methodology. “This means that everyone – from the management to the clerk – can understand the sense of the joint work at any time.

The Deutsche Messe Technology Academy has gained several partners from its network to conduct the first certificate course: The course was conceived by the consulting firm PEC, which supports industrial companies worldwide in their digital transformation. The online course is certified by the Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE), one of the most renowned management education institutions in Germany.

The course offering and the contents are presented by the media partner local global GmbH on its platform edubiz.de. The OKR courses offered by PEC and Deutsche Messe Technology Academy, with a maximum of twelve participants, are designed to facilitate a very intensive exchange with the lecturer. Individual, personal coaching is planned for all four of the 90-minute course sessions. In order to obtain a certificate at the end of the course, participants are even to develop their own “OKR challenge” – a study designed to enable rapid implementation of the methodology in the participants’ companies.

“With our cooperation, we want to contribute to ensuring that the methods of successful digital companies are also implemented in medium-sized industry and that innovation processes are accelerated,” says Thomas Rilke, Managing Director of the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy. The academy supports suppliers and users of innovative production technologies in its worldwide industrial academies

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