Smart Factory Academy Jinan

Cooperation in the East of the people’s republic


 The northeastern province of Shandong, with its population of around 100 million, is one of the leading industrial regions of the People’s Republic. The capital Jinan is a hub in the Chinese high-speed rail network and is located about 400 kilometers or about 90 minutes south of Beijing and west of the well-known port city of Qingdao with its more than seven million inhabitants. Jinan is home to numerous internationally active industrial companies such as Bosch, Festo, and Continental.

The university with numerous research institutes as well as centers for dual training is an important partner in the ecosystem of the new Smart Industry Academy in China’s east. The Smart Factory Academy is located in the Sino-Italian Industry Park of Zhangqui, an industrial suburb of the provincial capital.

Pictures from the Smart Factory Academy Jinan:

Industrial focus in Jinan

The Smart Factory Academy Jinan is located in the Sino-German Industry Park in Zhangqui, a suburb of the capital of Shandong Province, Jinan. Shandong Province is one of the leading industrial regions in China, with a population of more than 100 million.

Key technologies in Jinan and Shandong Province:

  • Textile and garment industries
  • Factories for the production of paper, cement, iron and steel production
  • Chemical factories
  • Products for agriculture (big market)


Reinhold Umminger

Reinhold Umminger

Director Global Business