Challenges 2021- Online Event

10. December 2020

The virtual workshop organized by Deutsche Messe Technology Academy and Global Business Magazine, in partnership with Hannover Impuls, aims to provide a forum for business promotion agencies and internationally active enterprises to exchange best practices on how to navigate the course of a post-Covid19 economy. Among the main goals and topics of the open workshop will be:

  • analyzing lessons learned from regional, national and international actors on dealing with the externalities of Corona on global economy
  • confronting strategies for investment promotion agencies to promote their ecosystem internationally amid travel restrictions
  • devising joint programs and cooperation initiatives to support programs and stabilize SME and industrial clusters



Review 2020: From Lockdown to Restart

10:00 – Exchange of experiences – Best practices and concepts in economic promotion

11:30 – Panel: Conclusions, joint perspectives for 2021?

12:00 – Workshops

  • Trade shows 2021
  • Corona funding opportunities
  • Virtual delegation trips, matchmakings
  • International Marketing & Consulting, new tools, new services

Dialogue with industry: Trends and Tasks 2021

14:00 – 14:45 –  Panel Global Supply Chains as a Challenge: “Local for local” – the end of Globalization?

14:45 – 15: 45 – Keynote Value Chain Battery Production in Europe

15:45 – 16:30 – Panel Connecting people and talents

For further information and requests contact

Hans Gäng
Global Business Magazine
local global GmbH
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Reinhold Umminger
Deutsche Messe Technology Academy
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