26 + 27 october 2023

Production LIVE – Technology partners and exhibitors

On the 2nd day of the event, you will experience the Smart Factory live. In rolling technology workshops you will get an insight into the key technologies of the factory of the future. Look forward to the exchange and exciting discussions among each other and with our technology partners and exhibitors.

On board are:

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Technology partner

IFM – The convergence of BIM and digital factory

Bringing together building and factory assets through the convergence of BIM and digital factory is Autodesk’s unique selling point.
If you manufacture machines or other products that require complex assets and ideally have high product variation in manufacturing, integrated factory modeling can help get products to market faster.



Contelos has made a name for itself as a medium-sized CAD system house. The wide range of services covers CAD/CAM, PLM/PDM, BIM & GIS. The primary goal is individual consulting and the provision of customized solutions. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, Contelos has access to the latest technologies and products to always offer the best solutions. The team consists of highly qualified CAD experts who are familiar with the latest trends, giving its customers access to advanced solutions. Contelos emphasizes long-term customer relationships and provides training, support and maintenance services for continuous benefits. With expertise and commitment, Contelos helps you to optimize your CAD systems for mechanical and plant engineering and to achieve competitive advantages.

Thomas Schimkewitsch, Managing Director, Contelos GmbH

Technology partner

Linking the Virtual and the Real

Digital continuity is a powerful but elusive concept. In the demo, we will show how Dassault Systèmes’ manufacturing portfolio bridges the gap between virtual process planning and simulation and real manufacturing execution. Using a physical demonstrator, we will show how the planning content of the 3D EXPERIENCE platform is used to assist production workers with assembly tasks using augmented reality.


About Dassault Systèmes

Achieving operational excellence in manufacturing requires a set of standardized operational processes that must be created and managed holistically at a global level. This can only be achieved with digital consistency. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes connects the real world with the virtual world. This means that all stages of value creation are intertwined and all participants have access to a common database, the so-called “single source of truth”. In this way, manufacturing companies gain insight into new products, plants and production processes – always with the aim of increasing agility, developing sustainable innovations and ensuring long-term competitiveness.

Jochen Thomas, DELMIA Industry Process Consultant, Dassault Systèmes Deutschland GmbH

Julian Wirkner, Industry Process Consultant , Dassault Systèmes Deutschland GmbH

Technology partner

Smart Services and Digital Tools for Production

The energy supply for the production of the future is: Efficient. Intelligent. CO2-free. But how can this combination be implemented in a way that makes sense operationally? We provide insights, and in playful form. Using Lego Serious Play, we will build up the energy concept of the future in a modular way and use it to explain key aspects of the content. Pointed. Clear. Concise.




Simply connect existing machines and use them with smart services. Sounds complicated? But it’s not. As the name suggests, Easy2IoT makes it easy. The modular system can be used regardless of manufacturer and networks different players such as machine operators, tool manufacturers and service providers within a value network and also makes old machines smart.






FabOS is an open, distributed, real-time capable and secure operating system for production. It is intended to form the basis for data-driven services and AI applications so that the transformational automation of the factory of the future can be implemented. Sounds like utopia? But it isn’t. We show what is already possible today and what will be important in the future.






More performance for human-robot collaboration applications while maintaining safety? This is what Robo-Dashcam makes possible. The interaction of the human with the robot as well as other safety-relevant data are recorded during operation, statistically evaluated and used to determine optimization potential. 



About Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

Fraunhofer IPA is working for a better future. We are convinced that Mass Sustainability and Mass Personalization will make a significant contribution to this. In these strategic thematic areas, we pursue a concrete vision and contribute to achieving our overarching mission, which is: WE PRODUCE THE FUTURE. We conduct application-oriented research and implement it industrially, innovate value creation systemically and in partnership, and work together with our customers in a long-term, entrepreneurial, solution- and results-oriented manner.

Dr. Timm Kuhlmann, Head of Industrial Energy Systems, Fraunhofer IPA

Dr. Erwin Groß, Group Manager Corporate and Production Strategy, Fraunhofer IPA

Daniel Schel, Group Manager IT Architectures for Digital Production, Fraunhofer IPA

Mohamed El-Shamouty, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Abteilung Roboter- und Assistenzsysteme, Fraunhofer IPA

Copyright: Fraunhofer IPA

Technology partner

Automated logistics for matrix production 

A shortage of skilled workers and rising costs demand the automation of smaller quantities. This requires process modules that can be used in a variety of applications. AMR and bin-picking provide flexible automated logistics to link process modules. These technologies enable matrix production. Advantages are offered by an integrator who masters the manufacturing processes and logistics.



The HARTING Technology Group is actively shaping the transformation to Integrated Industry and is a driver and partner of Industry 4.0. In its own Smart Factory, solutions and components for Integrated Industry are demonstrated and tested. HARTING understands how a Smart Factory works and which components and solutions are needed in Integrated Industry.

Dr.-Ing. Volker Franke, Managing Director, HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH

Timo Göttig, Automation Engineer, HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH

Technology partner


OMRON Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced products in the field of industrial automation and provider of application know-how for all industries. The product range includes: Control and drive technology, sensor and safety technology, industrial components and image processing systems.


The easiest way to the Digital Factory!

We take you with us and show you the easiest way to the digital factory. Where do we start? In Greenfield City or Brownfieldhausen? No matter from where, we calculate the optimal route and navigate with you to your desired destination. Along the way, we take our time and stop at points of interest. Welcome to the easiest way to digitalization!


About Phoenix Contact

Under a global umbrella brand, Phoenix Contact offers innovative products, solutions and digitization expertise for the electrification, networking and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure. In this way, the family-owned company empowers industry and society in the transformation to a sustainable world with long-term growth prospects for all. The core business is organized into three business units. In new business areas, potentials of digitalization, electrification and transformed mobility are also being tapped beyond the core business.

Oliver Fischer, Director IMA Engineering, Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH

Lutz Steinleger, Director MORYX Industry, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG


About ProGlove

ProGlove provides smart wearable scanner solutions that fuel a continual stream of worker-driven productivity gains. More than 2,000 global customers trust in ProGlove’s innovations. Organizations deploy them to optimize worker experience, maximize uptime, and get more done with existing teams. The company’s hard- and software solutions augment the boots on the ground and promote human-machine collaboration. This brings speed, accuracy, guidance, and ergonomics to the shopfloor workers. 

Technology partner


The demands on production plants are increasing. Shorter delivery times, increased capacities, cost pressure. Conversion, expansion or restructuring of the entire plant is quickly required. Flexibility for man and plant is required in order to meet the demands and to be able to grow further. We have adapted to these requirements and offer system solutions that are geared to the individual needs of our customers’ plants. We accompany customers from the assessment of their needs to the implementation of their solution.

Technology partner

About Siemens

Siemens Digital Industries (DI) is an innovation leader in automation and digitalization. In close collaboration with partners and customers, DI drives the digital transformation in the process and manufacturing industry. With its Digital Enterprise portfolio, Siemens offers companies of all sizes end-to-end products, solutions and services for the integration and digitization of the entire value chain. Optimized for the specific requirements of each industry, the unique portfolio enables customers to increase their productivity and flexibility. DI is continuously expanding its portfolio through innovations and the integration of future technologies.